Vitzani srl is a dynamic company and has been a reference point in the medical market for several years. Its main purpose and core values have always been::


Vitzani srl was founded at the beginning of the 80es as a small enterprise, with the aim of providing their customers with assembly and control services. In the 90es, Vitzani srl introduced their first Computer Numerical Control (CNC) turning machines, offering new solutions for new markets, including the medical one.

Since its very beginning, Vitzani srl has always aimed at continuous technological innovation and total quality, which resulted in a positive market response. Thanks to their high level of competence, Vitzani srl offer a number of services, such as planning and carrying out projects, surface treatments, washing and clean room packaging of a wide range of medical products. Today Vitzani launches on the market Smile and RIDI, new dental implant lines that embraces the “one-stage” and the “two-stage” procedure. Vitzani dental implants are made of U.S. Titanium grade 4, only from natural titanium sponge identified as ASTM F67, with no refused scrap; it’s a biocompatible alloy, that very well integrates into the patient’s bone tissue.

Furthermore, the Titanium grade 4 league has mechanical properties similar to the ones of implant surgical steel and it very well supports the forces developed during the power phase of chewing.


Each implant is manufactured with advanced CNC (computer numeric control) machines; each production step is continuously monitored, thus guaranteeing best product quality. The most peculiar feature of our implants is the EQF system.

EQF is a specific geometric shape of the thread, planned and manufactured in the Vitzani technical laboratories; it results from a detailed study that aims at improving the loads of forces developing between the titanium thread and the bone structure. During manufacturing, only vegetal oils (no mineral oils) are used, which ensures a lower contamination of the product and of the environment. The implant’s surface is eventually bombarded with aluminium oxide inside a hermetically sealed cell. This procedure roughens the implant surface, in order to improve its first bone anchoring.

A closed circuit ultrasound cleaning guarantees the total de-contamination of the implant surface; after this treatment the implant is free from all impurities.

Even this procedure is constantly monitored by analyses that certify what is described here above. The passivation procedure is natural, it’s carried out in an accelerating environment, covering the implant surface with a homogeneous TiO2 Titanium oxide layer, thus ensuring both the patient and the dental surgeon a lower risk of surgical failure and a longer life span of the product.


The RiDi implant line has an innovative and very accurate packaging, ensuring product integrity and longevity. When all mechanical manufacturing steps, surface treatments and washing have been completed, both the implants and their components undergo UV ray treatment before entering the aseptic environment (cleaning room).

Inside the CLEANING ROOM, the implant is brought into the mounter transporter cap and screwed to a thread vial, in order to ensure its hermetic packaging and to avoid tampering.

The vial is then inserted into a tyvek high quality packing cover and sealed. The plastic materials used for manufacturing the vial, the cap and the tyvek packing comply with the regulations in force and with the exposure to gamma rays, avoiding long-term product damaging.

Sterility is guaranteed for max. 5 years.

All products are provided with an identification label.