GEKO Universal Dual Cement 7G

Code: GEKO-1

Acrylic ester monomer with glass filler, pasta dual care. Cement unique, it is widely used in all cementation techniques; metals, ceramics, gold, carbon glass fiber posts, tape polietylene splinting, copings, abutments, zirconia, Maryland bridges and Toronto. Incredible its strength in the creation of structures in plant and equipment. Thanks to the use of fiber fingers glass or special abutments winged titanium combined with Geko universal resin cement will create simple cold welding of the same resistance of a titanium finger welded with intraoral welder. hydrophilic Geko, thus highly compatible with the damp dental surfaces, dual care fluid and does not need mordenzature, also radiopaque.

GEKO GLASS - Geko Glass a bar of 25 mm with a diameter of 3 mm, made in box sold fiberglass from 3 bars. Cut to size as needed, Geko Glass combined to use Geko Universal Resin Cement will be the main support to the union of two implant abutments.

GEKO RX - the first pin in the glass fiber enriched by a surgical steel micro wire placed inside. This particular pin will be perfectly visible radiologically thus avoiding during the production phase the addition ofr adiopaque materials.


Special tape fiber polyethylene splinting, maintenance of space and prosthetic reinforcement. The roll 50 cm long and this in widths 1-2-3-4 mm. Easy to use in the situation criticism. Does not fray. With the use of scissors special or microseghettati you get a cut net. Biocompatible and high comfort. The special weave allows a soaking Optimum composite fuidi and acrylics. To unlike the pre-impregnated glass fibers it can be wrapped around the interproximal profiles, with high accuracy and for the desired length.

The main INFIBRA applications:
  • Temporary and permanent bridges - maintainer of space
  • Orthodontic retainers - fixing of bridges and prosthesis
  • Reinforcement of composite and resin - splints
  • Reinforcement of teeth with mobility
  • Construction of pins and abutment

Technical documentation