RD2 - Two Stage Dental Implant

Code: RD2

RD 2 is a standard two-stage dental implant offering all best two-stage implant features, with an external hexagone that can be used for different clinica/cases. It can be used for one or more elements, ensuring high adhesion to the bone structure and positively reacting to vertical forces. The mount transport screwed to the implant by means of an M2 screw (to be removed after insertion) has three functions:
  • transporting the fixture from the via/ to the implant site.
  • reducing bush far inserting screw-driver.
  • possible temporary abutment, far it’s made of titanium grade 5.
  • self-tapping implant, narrow thread, Titanium grade 4.
  • bi-component with protrudin hexagone, most accurate interconnection, extra deep thread for optimal hermetic sealing (tolerance: H5).
  • porous on average, active isoelastic radicular surface: ca. 150 μ.
  • polished transgingival neck (μm O, 6).