Talon Crown Cutters


The crown cutters recognizable by their black shank. The Talon bur a unique tagliacorona for cutting quality and durability, especially when compared to the competition. Its special design to hyperbole improves the quality and the cutting speed, greatly reducing vibration and effort that the doctor used to imprint on the handpiece so even compromising the efficiency of the same, and often finding themselves forced to costly repairs for replacement of the bearings. Talon, unlike all its direct competitors, is produced with unique mechanical processing techniques that make it free from fractures. In fact, as can be seen from the photo, Talon shows no sign of welding between the shank of the cutter and head, thus avoiding that the stress point maximum not writing the fracture so hated by the doctor in this way forced to having to replace the cutter.

Unbeatable for cutting ceramic and metal. Only for parallelization of monophasic systems.

Surgical drills.

TALON 198-018 XC
Bur for zirconium. The type of diamond makes it extremely aggressive in zirconium cut. Indispensable for large preparations.

Talon crown cutters