RD3 NANO - Monophasic Dental Implant

Code: RD3 NANO

The monobasic plant RD3 NANO is a variant of the system while keeping all the key points that characterize it, but by varying the transmucosal collar. The collar in fact turns out to be vertically compressed and expanded in the horizontal to better adapt to the natural bone geometry to the molars and premolars areas. Also it measures the range appears to be amended by virtue of these needs starting from a minimum length of 6 mm and a maximum of 12 mm, and large diameters of up to 8 mm.
  • Esagono spessore 3 mm
  • Collo trasmucoso per molati/pre molari lucino
  • Filetto EQF
  • Corpo tronco conico con superficie sabbiata
  • Punta arrotondata