Vesalius OR1 by Telea

Code: Vesalius OR1

The Scalpel Molecular Resonance

The scalpel Molecular Resonance Vesalius are unique and versatile tools that allow you to operate on soft tissue in a precise and effective, while ensuring extreme delicacy and respect of the same tissue and adjacent structures. The model Vesalius OR1 has a wide range of electrodes and accessories, thus offering considerable flexibility. The instrument is ideally suited for use in breast-conserving surgery, implantology, and oral pathology. Thanks to the peculiar feature of Quantum Molecular Resonance which limits considerably the transfer of thermal energy, the neighboring tissue, both when cutting the clot, not necrotizza and this ensures a huge advantage in terms of post-operative recovery, significant reduction in the pain and inflammation.

The engineer says : Theory of Quantum Molecular Resonance

The heart of the scalpel Vesalius lies in the technology developed and patented by Telea EE and called " Molecular Resonance ." The scalpel in fact generates a spectrum at very high frequencies quantized . In Molecular Resonance generator , as in any other application that provides energy , the energy supplied is transmitted in the form of "packets" or quanta of energy . The energy value associated with each of these how many depends on the frequency of the source that produced them . In turn, the reaction that causes the incident energy on the affected tissue is related to the energy value associated with each as . What scalpel Molecular Resonance quanta of energy transmitted , by selecting the cut function , arriving at the tissue with the same value of the binding energy of the molecules making up the fabric. In this way the energy of the incident sends in resonance as the bonds of the molecules of the tissue by breaking them in a net . As a consequence of this , the increase of the temperature of the tissue is minimal , since the energy is transferred mainly in a form of potential type rather than kinetic . The cleavage of molecular bonds in turn induces the rupture of cell membranes ( cut effect ) and considerably limiting the thermal damage . The cut which is obtained is extremely precise and delicate, such as to leave the tissue surrounding the incision perfectly intact. The main advantages consist in a considerable reduction of pain and inflammation in the postoperative course in addition, having preserved tissue and adjacent structures , healing is much faster. However, when the scalpel Molecular Resonance function is selected clot , the many incidents are characterized by an energy value slightly off resonance. In this way , being the energy associated with slightly different than the energy of the molecular bonds of the tissue , it follows a modest increase in temperature , about 63 ° C , such as to trigger the coagulation process for protein denaturation . This type of natural clotting has the great advantage of not collapsing the blood vessels , as well as awiene the contrary in the electro or radiosurgical traditional .


The different functions of OR1 Vesalius allow its use in many applications . Here are some examples :
  • Cutting function. Selecting the function cut can affect the tissue of the oral cavity without causing any damage tennico . By measuring the power and conveniently without exerting mechanical pressure it is possible to obtain precise and delicate incision , possibly also for successive planes of dissection (in the case of fabrics particolannente thick ) , which ensures a rapid course without surgical scars . The cut function is also indicated particolannente in case you want to perform tissue samples for histological analysis . The use of this function allows great benefits in the event of gengivopatie hypertrophic hyperplastic elo of various kinds.
  • Coagulation function. With the " clot " you get a ' rapid and effective hemostasis , coagulation awiene naturally through protein denaturation . This can be done either in bipolar mode that monopolar , touching the bleeding surface of the fabric with a large surface to the electrode or by the blade electrode which concentrates the energy delivered in a thin surface .
  • Bledn Function (cut + clot). It comes from a mix of function and cut the clot , thus making it possible to get a cut together with a delicate effect coagulation of small vessels .
  • Timer. The timer allows you to set the duration of the emission of energy. This function is useful in several surgeries perioral .

Operating mode monopolar and bipolar

With the cut, monopolar coagulation and blend your doctor may choose one of the accessories monopolar Vesalius . Alternatively, you can work in bipolar coagulation mode with which you can close to the average diameter vessels , without creating eschar and thus limiting the risk of post-operative bleeding .

Technical specifications
  • Size: 340x170x330 mm (lxaxp)
  • Weight: 13,5 Kg
  • Monopolar Functions Power Provided
  • CUT 120W/400Ω
  • CUT/COAG 100W/400Ω
  • COAG 70W/400Ω
  • Bipola Functions
  • COAG 60W/100Ω