Ergonomic multifunctional footswitch

Code: IM 300PVII

The aesthetic of the product has been carefully designed to grant comfort during working activities. It is the result of continuous research toward hight tech solutions and high quality standards.
The operator could program the device without touching the consolle.

Micromotor functions:
  • On/off pump
  • Reverse
  • Key set to program functions and to skip from one mode to the other

Piezo functions:
  • On/off pump
  • Vibra function
  • Keyset to program and skip to one modality to the other

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: to avoid the stress of the foot
  • NO TOUCH: working without touching the housing of the device
  • RHEOSTAT FUNCTION: possible customized calibration of the footswitch, based on the foot pressure
  • HALL EFFECT: functioning based on magnetic field; no electronic parts undergo wearing out