RD3 - Monophasic Dental Implant

Code: RD3

The monophasic plant RD3 is a dental implant of conical shape made of medical titanium grade 4. It is a plant, which, thanks to its characteristics, is very versatile and can be used in all areas of the mouth, for individual elements, for multiple elements and also for complete circular elements. Its special shape combined with the effectiveness of the coils EQF system give the system indicated for use even in cases of post-extractive implantology. The thread geometry ensures good vascularization makes osseointegration rapid and lasting. The voltage discharges along the thread, and vary in length and diameter function, make the plant in the insertion easier and in many cases without the need for tapping. The collar is composed of two semi-glossy spheres which act as a seal of the cavity to implant, by transmucosal seal and the top plate as the support for the prosthesis. The generous hex that serves as abutment due to its size makes the system easy to parallelize even in cases of very pronounced inclinations.
  • Esagono spessore 3 mm
  • Doppio collo lucido per sigillo trasmuscoso
  • Filetto EQF
  • Superficie sabbiata
  • Fresate automaschianti
  • Punta arrotondata