RD3 BALL - Monophasic Dental implant


The plant monophasic RD3 BALL is a variant of the system while keeping all the key points that characterize it but in place of a wide part as hexagonal abutment there is a greatly reduced hexagonal abutment with the apex a sphere. This type of system has been designed for anchoring dentures. To ensure a good connection between the mobile structure and the system they are used the cups of various silicone compounds, more or less retentive, according to the needs of the case. They are easily replaceable and can be accommodated in a metal casing. Due to the specific use of the facility it is realized in only two diameters 3 mm and 4 mm.
  • Sfera 2.2 (normo ridotta) - Esagono spessore 3 mm
  • Collo trasmucoso lucido
  • Filettatura EQF
  • Superficie sabbiata
  • Punta arrotondata